A lovely, red female available.

d.o.b: 22.07.2018.



Kittens are ready for adoption, when they have minimum 12 weeks.

It is impossible to adopt kitty before this age.

If you are interested in one of our kitten you can book up him. But then you are obligate to pay the deposite and sign a contract..

Every new owner receives complete documentation:
     health book with full of vaccines
     written information about feeding, care and hygiene

Our kittens you can exhibit on international cats shows.

You cannot give back the kitty.

If new owner want he could pay for additional vaccines or tests, before giving out the kitty.

The buyer can pick the kitten up personal in our cattery, or we can ship the kitten after agreement.

If something wrong happened in life owner, I can help you find new house for the kitty.

If you will have some problems, I always give assistance to you and good advice. I will try to be in contact with the owner.

I hope all our cats' children will be happy and beloved.

If Ypu have any questions - feel free to contact us...
Edyta Tomaszewska

Elsze*Pl - burmese cats cattery
Edyta Tomaszewska
Wroclaw, POLAND
tel. +48. 693 11 00 70